Tomy Wants list

Here are the Tomy figures that I need to complete my 2nd and 3rd gen collection (1st gen is complete! :D) I only collect official Tomy figures, so sadly there will be gaps in my gen 3 collection as they didn't make them all! :( Without further ado, here is the list:

2nd Gen:
- Corsola
- Kingdra
- Porygon 2
- Misdreavus
- Dunsparce
- clear Suicune
- metallic Suicune

3rd Gen:
- Meditite
- Crawdaunt
- Glalie
- Beldum
- Metang
- Sableye

- Audley Bulbasaur
- Audley Ivysaur
- Audley Charmander
- Audley Squirtle
- Audley Wartortle
- Vivillion
- Honedge

As well as these, I am also looking for the figures of the Helix fossil, Dome fossil, and Old Amber that were released with the Omnastar, Kabutops and Aerodactyl Audley Tomy figures.

If you are selling any of these figures let me know! :) Thanks! :)
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Permanent Wants List

General Wants (SSS gifter look here!):

Ekans Applause plush!!! (last applause plush I need to complete the set! XD)

New Tomy Moncolle figures:
- Popplio
- Litten
- Bewear
- Tapu Koko
- Tapu Lele
- Dartrix
- Brionne

Sleeping figures (need XY set - Chespin, Fennekin)

Kuttari: Awake Growlithe, Awake Quagsire, Awake Cubone, Awake Vulpix

Numel jakks figure

Rapidash Burger King figure (doesn't need pokeball launcher)

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That's all for now! :) I'll be sure to update as my wants are collected! :) Thanks for looking! :)
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What's this? A non-Absol related want! :O Madness!
But yeah, thanks to some amazing sellers in this community, I've almost finished collecting all 151 first gen Tomy figures! :D I am now searching for the last two: Weepinbell and (more importantly) Nidorino. If anyone on here has both of these figures (or just Nidorino) then please let me know! :) I'd preferably not want to spend more than $45 on Nidorino, but if he's exceedingly minty then I might be willing to up my offer! :) Postage would be to UK. If anyone is selling please let me know and have some pics of the figure on standby! :) Thanks! :)

Collection update!

Hi guys! It's been a few weeks since I joined the community and I've gained quite a few additions for my Absol collection. This is what my collection looked like before joining the community...

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Thanks guys! :) Got plenty more Absol stuff on the way, so expect more collection updates in the future! :)