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Permanent Wants List

General Wants (SSS gifter look here!):

Ekans Applause plush!!! (last applause plush I need to complete the set! XD)

New Tomy Moncolle figures:
- Popplio
- Litten
- Bewear
- Tapu Koko
- Tapu Lele
- Dartrix
- Brionne

Sleeping figures (need XY set - Chespin, Fennekin)

Kuttari: Awake Growlithe, Awake Quagsire, Awake Cubone, Awake Vulpix

Numel jakks figure

Rapidash Burger King figure (doesn't need pokeball launcher)

Absol wants:

Mini grail - Absol promotional poster for 6th movie

Mini grail - Absol tin

HIGH want - Pokedoll tin featuring Absol

High want - Bandai Double Action Absol figure - preferably with the projectile but not picky! :)

Absol roller stamp

Absol blue pen

Absol strap

Absol screen cleaner

Absol coins - all colours needed

Absol ball watch

Absol case

Absol iron-on patch (one on the right)

Absol movie kering

Absol movie fan

Absol AR sticker

Absol name tag

Absol magnet and keyring

Pokedoll cup (or any other item featuring pokedoll Absol!

There are also a whole lot of Absol flats I want, such as:
Absol kids figure stickers
Absol/Mega Absol karuta cards

Articuno Wants:

Articuno roller stamp figures (on master ball, great ball and pokeball)

Articuno sticker card?

Pokemon 2000 pencil case featuring Articuno (top left)

Articuno mug

Articuno marble in colours I don't have
(have orange and blue)

Articuno metal figure and stamp figures in colours I don't have
(Metal: have gold, green, silver, copper, gunmetal. Stamp: have blue and green)

Articuno shiny sticker card

Old Articuno swing chain

3rd Anniversary badge featuring Articuno

Pokemon conquest Articuno and Mitsuhide strap

Pokemon Conquest Articuno Mini Cushion (far right)

Articuno bottle cap

Giant, clear Articuno promotional dice

Articuno keyrings - one is clear

Promo tcg card featuring Articuno

Also any Articuno flats! Am interested in anything to do with the ice bird! :)

Swablu/Altaria Wants:

ALTARIA GRAIL!!!!! - Pokedoll tin featuring Altaria! NEEEEED! O_O

Mega Altaria keychain

Amaura/Aurorus Wants:

Coffee cookie tin featuring Amaura

Trainer card featuring Amaura (can be in English or Japanese)

Aurorus calendar page sticker

Dice featuring Amaura

The Amaura and Aurorus kids figures stickers
The Amaura and Aurorus doremi cards

Other wants:

12" Numel plush

Ponyta 12" Bootleg plush

Giant Suicune plush

Pokedoll wants (no pictures)

Gen 1:
- Charmander
- Pikachu On the way! :D
- Raichu
- Butterfree
- Grimer On the way! :D
- Dragonite

Gen 2:
- Corsola
- Delibird On the way! :D
- Houndour
- Elekid
- Suicune (shiny)

Gen 3:
- Wailord
- Corphish (highest pokedoll want!)
- Spheal
- Salamence
- Metagross
- Absol - any condition welcome! I want to have an Absol pokedoll army! XD

Other Gen:
- Bibarrel
- Buizel On the way! :D
- Buneary
- Mismagius On the way! :D
- Glameow On the way! :D
- Chatot On the way! :D
- Snover
- Dialga
- Palkia On the way! :D
- Shaymin Land form
- Munna
- Audino
- Litwick
- Coballion
- Terrakion
- Virizion
- Keldeo
- Fletchling
- Inkay
- Xerneas

That's all for now! :) I'll be sure to update as my wants are collected! :) Thanks for looking! :)
Also please check out my Tomy wants list here

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